Virtual Instruments.

• Oct 29, 2014 - 18:12

Hi, does anyone know if is possible deploy virtual instruments in musescore?


Yes, it is possible to connect MuseScore to external VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology Instruments).

Here's how it works:
1. MuseScore generates MIDI events and sends it to your VSTi.
2. Your VSTi generates sound and sends it to your speakers.

MuseScore MIDI output works with JACK audio system, so if you want to use VSTi, you have to install and configure JACK.

So, the plan is (general plan, I don't know which OS do you have):
1. Install JACK.
2. Configure JACK to get audio and midi working. (You have to enable and configure JACK MIDI bridge too).
3. Launch MuseScore, go to Preferences-> I/O and select "JACK Audio Server".
4. Enable the "Use JACK MIDI" checkbox and press "OK". Restart MuseScore.
5. Launch your VSTi through your favourite VST-runner (For example: FeSTige).
6. Connect midi output of MuseScore to your VST's input port. (via qJackCtl, Jack Control, Catia, etc).
7. Enjoy!

If you get stuck on any step, feel free to ask your questions here.

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but is it possible to connect to VST instrument via internal connections .

i use [ Alchemy ] and [ kontakt ] currently with sibelius .

thanks for your answear

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Hello I followed this guide ( and everything is working as intended except one thing: musescore's built in keyboard and vst plug in are being played simultaneously for playback. It causes the playback to sound blurry and unsynced, and I only want the vst sound. I tried muting the piano in Musescore mixer but then that also muted the vst sound. Please help!

Programs I'm Using:
Musescore 2.0
Jack Audio
MiniHost (VST player)
Sonivox 88 (VST Plug In)

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Turning off note entry sounds only affects note entry, not playback. So indeed you'll still get sound from the internal synth on playback. But turning the volume all the way down in View / Synthesizer (as opposed to the Mixer or Play Panel) should work, as should deleting the soundfont from the synth.

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