• Dec 12, 2009 - 01:53

sorry if this has already been discussed/addressed but:

I am entering a score in MuseScore that I've written by hand
the score is 216 measures in length
and each page has 6 measures across

as of now I have to create the 216 measures then go in and place the breaks manually
which is tedious for long scores

feature request:
it would be handy to have a way to enter a number for line breaks
in the 'enter number of measures' dialog box when creating a new score
for example under the 'enter number of measures'
could be a 'number of measures per page' entry
which would automatically break each page accordingly
if this field is left empty (set to 'default'?) it would behave as it does now

also, I had trouble dragging the breaks to the score
it would often not take or appear to being dragged and then not break the line when dropped

this happened when when the breaks box
was sitting at the bottom of my screen and would drag the line break to the first line of each page
once I put the box closer to the first line it was no longer a problem


I know it may not be exactly what you were talking about, but assuming that the number of measures per line you wanted to be four, the is a plug-in called "break 4" or something like that you can use.

I am not sure I understand your description of the "bug". Are you watching whether the measure changes to a darker color to indicate that you are in the right place to drop the break?

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To enter a break, select a barline and press Return. It's easier than drag and drop.

To break automatically every X measure, I wrote a plugin. It should work for version 0.9.5.
You can download the two files *.ui and *.js and put them in the share/plugins directory of MuseScore. I'm not sure where it's located on Ubuntu.
(/usr/share/mscore-0.9/plugins ?)

Then in the menu, choose plugins, break every X measures

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In latest revisions there is also a style option (General Style->Systems) which allows to fix the number of measures per system. You can configure the maximum number of measures a system can have which is somewhat more flexible than putting a line break at every n measure.

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yes I had several tabs open one of which was the 216 measure score
when I attempted to drag the break onto a measure of the score it didn't turn the bar a darker color
after repeated attempts it finally darkened and broke the line
but it seemed either it or I had a problem dragging the breaks to the score
I'll see if I can replicate this behavior on a another file

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