Decrescendos and crescendos in 2.0

• Nov 8, 2014 - 06:25

I'm wondering how it is possible to create/imply/make crescendos in 2.0. I know it may be easier to just to put pp,p,mp,mf,f,ff, but it will show up in the score, and I just want a simple crescendo. Nothing to do with all the changing. I feel with these forum posts that I am extremely brief, but I'm not sure what more information is important.

Any help is very, very much appreciated



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As Musescore is being actively developed, there are versions that are posted frequently. You can find them at the download page, scroll down to the section that says "Nightly Version".

However, these are test versions, at any given time not advertised as "stable" and definitely not to be used for "production" work. Use at your own risk.

The beta 2.0 is the same status, but can be thought of as relatively less "unstable". The most recent nightlies represent development that may appear in future beta and eventually production releases.

So far as I understand, the intent of having nightlies available is to offer previews of features that are coming, try them out for usability and test that they work, and give feedback to the developers before the features are frozen into a production version.

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For the record, I'd say the above was more true a few months ago. At this point, we are mostly done just experimenting with new features. The nightlies are generally just bug-fixed and otherwise enhanced versions of the previous beta. So overall, I'd say if you want stablility, trying a nightly instead of the Beta is not actually such a bad idea.

However, it *is* the case that sometimes a fix breaks something else, and any given nightly might turn out to be useless. At least the Beta bugs are known and can be avoided. Still, I would have to say that for almost any given nightly build made available since the Beta, it's probably better than the Beta overall. Only a couple were DOA (including, unfortunately, ones from yesterday if you do tablature - sorry about that, but it's fixed already!).

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