16th Note Bug

• Nov 11, 2014 - 11:08

Hi there,

the sixteenth note which you can see on the attachement doesnt show up as a 1/16 note.
Only when I separate the two notes it shows up as a sixteenth note. How can I change that?

Thanks and cheers!



I use one of the latest nightly built versions since the regular versions don't work
on my MacBook pro with OS X 10.9.
Unfortunately I am not at home right now and can't send u any files. But the same issue occurred on any version of musescore which I have ever used on my Mac computers before and now.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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And I don't even see how to enter these lower notes, using a drumset?
Is it supposed to be a base drum (then it should be one space higher up)? or pedal hi-hat (then it should have x notehead)?
I can get ot to look this way:


I don't know anything about drumsets though ...

And 1.2 should work on your OSX 10.9, as far as I know only 1.3 is having issues with Mavericks.

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...Were you able to write that 16th note (attached)?

I only can write the 16th note when I don't connect the dotted 1/8 note and the 16th note like on the other screenshot - attached.

The funny thing:
When I open your attached file on my nightly built version it shows up like I want it too. But how can I do that on my own?

Thanks and cheers in advance!

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I just entered them, like I guess drum notes are being entered, creating a 5-line drumstaff, entering note entry mode and use the items on the Palette.
But how dod you enter them? These (full head notes below staff) don't show up in the drum entry Palette?
I guess you have customized it in some way, maybe longer ago, and this customization might be causing issues now?

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Can you try to look at the beam preferences here:
Style -> General... -> Beams
and try to set the parameters like this:
Beam thickness: 0.5sp
Beam distance: 50%
Broken beam minimum length: 1.32sp

I think that the minimum length is set to a very small value and that's the reason why the subbeam is not showing up in your score.

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