Use of arpeggiation symbol

• Nov 2, 2008 - 02:55

The arpeggiation symbol doesn't seem to work right. It is implemented as an attribute of a note, which doesn't make sense. You don't arpeggiate a note. So to show the arpeggiation of a chord, you have to select multiple notes and double click the arpeggiation. This attaches a stubby little arpeggiation symbol next to each note. If the chord has more than a 3rd interval in it, these stubby arpeggiation symbols have gaps, which shouldn't be.

Arpeggiation need to be added as a single attribute of a whole chord (somehow).


Arpeggios are implemented as chord attributes. If you select more than one note of a chord and double click the palette arpeggio symbol, only one arpeggio is created. Maybe you selected notes from different chords (different voices) which creates something you described.
Chords from different voices are treated separate and can have their own arpeggio symbol.
Whats missing is an editing function to change the arpeggio len up/down.

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