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Can voltas be made to work in the middle of a score, rather than at the end?
The score I am working on has 32 bars of vocal, then 32 bars of instrumental solo, then a repeat of the initial 32 bars. However, I want a different ending the second time. I have tried using 1st time and second time sections at the end of the first 32 bars but this doesn't work - the 2nd time bars play immediately after the 1st time ones, before the instrumental solo.
Any help would be much appreciated.


My perhaps non-musicianly answer to your problem would be this...

After your 2nd lot of 32 bars (section B I'll call it) just copy section A and add the new ending. With computer copying its not a problem to do and is way easier to read (for my band at least) as the "geography" of the piece is simplified.
I've just done something very similar with a huge Christmas medley.

No special reason voltas shouldn't work in the middle of the score - they do normally. What version of MuseScore, what OS, and can you psot the score you are having proiblems with? Could be a matter of your having mismatched repeats or other issues somewhere in the score that is confusing MuseScore.

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Thanks Marc

I was using DC al Fine to effect the repeat but that seems not to trigger the 1st and 2nd time function. Putting a repeat sign at the end of the vocal would not give me the desired sequence, which is: 32 bars vocal - 32 bars woodwind - repeat vocal from top but with alternative finish.

Can you see a way to achieve this using the 1st and 2nd time function?
(If not, I shall have to copy the vocal with the alternative ending after the woodwind section).

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I would use a DC al coda
At the end of your 32 bars solo instruemntal
* you put a DC al coda it will take the begining,
* at the bar where the ending will change you put a coda sign ,
* at the end of your solo instrumental you add a frame to separate coda (little) the same coda sign
* write your coda (other end) ,

normally that would work

PS : Jojo_Schmitz, we made at the same time...

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