File won't open ;_;

• Dec 1, 2014 - 08:08

Hey, so I've been working on a piece for ages when I saved and tried to go back to it the next day. Whenever I try to open the file, Musescore crashes. I really don't want to lose all my hard work. Please help ;_;

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The file is corrupted: there are <Part> tags without the definition of the corresponding <Staff> and some with duplicated <Staff> tags.
I manually edited the file, added the missing <Staff> and removed the duplicated ones. Attached the repaired version. It should load ok.

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hey, i seem to be having a similar problem. Im using 2.0 beta and yesterday I was working on what was going to be a rather very big piece. I saved it and then the program crashed. Now the score wont open and I get the error "Cannot read file C:\Users\tyler\Documents\MuseScore2\Scores\Eden.mscz:". Now im really kind of mad. It has to be just the file because musescore opens all of my other scores.

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