Articulations lost when transposing.

• Jan 13, 2010 - 16:46
S4 - Minor

Write a bar or 2.
Add accents to some notes by highlighting a few notes and double clicking on the accent in the pallet. They appear.
Add a couple of chordnames.
Transpose score, activating all aspects of transposition. (I went up 1 tone).

Transposition is quite good but articulations disappear.



I'm not able to reproduce the problem.

I added staccatos and accents to the score, transposed up by a major second (2 semitones). The staccatos and accents were still there. (Tested using r. 2601 nightly, and r.2451 prerelease, Windows XP)

Feel free to attach a sample score.

I'm still not able to reproduce. (Tested using r. 2605 nightly, and r.2451 prerelease, Windows XP)

I opened your Sample score, Edit > Select All, Notes > Transpose, check marked the key signature and chordname options, pressed OK.

Am I doing anything differently? Are you able to reproduce this every time?

Status (old) active closed

Such is the nature of elusive bug hunts! If you discover the cause reopen the bug and let us know the mystery.