Scores written in 1.3 do not print accurately to my physical printer.

• Dec 14, 2014 - 23:33

Dell Latitude.
Win 7
Brother HL-22 printer


Launch latest nightly.
Load score written in 1.3 where it prints with no problem.
Print to Cute PDF - PDF looks good on screen and prints to Brother properly.
Print directly to Brother - page 1 and page 2 are shifted to the right, leaving too much space on the left side and cutting off the right side.

File attached.

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To me it seems a printer setting. Check if you selected "bookbinding" right / left

If I launch Nightly and open the score I see that "repeat good on DS" and "open D.S. [thru] ..." are misaligned. But it seems not to influence the layout.
Something changes if imposed "Fit" (see attached ... and be patient)


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Thanks again.

I do not think it can be printer settings because the printer works properly on all other programs AND prints properly when the score is written in a nightly.

It appears to me to be some sort of translation error between 1.3 and the nightlies.

I have experimented a lot and cannot find a solution so far.

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I have adjusted that parameter down 0 mm (see attachment). It does have a marked effect on the image in the screen, moving it to the left, but has NO impact on the printed result.

In the attachment you will see that I unchecked the "2 sided" option.

This also has had NO impact on the printing of both odd and even pages.

Does the score I attached earlier print properly on your printer? Can anyone reproduce?

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As I said in the initial post, there is NO problem when I save it as a pdf and then print it. The problem is an inability to print properly DIRECTLY from Musescore.


It is very odd that changing the left margin in the page settings has NO impact on the resulting printout to printer, although there is an obvious change in the score ON THE SCREEN.

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I've had the same issues with the nightly, but I've not done much direct printing as I usually work with PDF which always seems to work. With Xavierjazz' file in 1.3, it prints fine for me, centered. But in 2.0, with proper settings for margins and page size, printing to a networked HP LaserJet 4250, it is shifted over to the right about an extra 4mm, and about the same towards the top and bottom as though the page was taller and wider.

I will test again with a native 2.0 score... exactly the same about of top/bottom stretch, and right-shift as the OP's sample score. This with Letter page, 10/20 top/bottom margins and 10/10 left/right margins.

Windows 8.1u1 64bit. I have no control over the printer drivers as they are centrally managed in our Active Directory.

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Okay, thank you all, I believe it is solved. I still need to check a few things but I have been able to successfully print a score as alluded to above.

The setting I am using at the moment in the page settings have worked. See attachment.

I cannot test further right now. I will update if there is a need to.

The great news is that it took less than a ream of paper. :)

Thanks again.

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