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• Dec 15, 2014 - 03:34

I've only been using Musescore for a few days but I love it all already, let me just say that. But one annoying thing that I keep running into is whenever I import a MIDI track that alternates between two voices per instrument back to one, such as in choir pieces, when unison is established again the measure is littered with rests. What am I doing wrong/how can I avoid this?


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Voice one rests cannot and should not ever be deleted. They are needed to show the proper number of beats in the measure. In *some* cases it can be proper to delete voice 2 rests, but normally they too should be shown - standard notation usually calls for all choices to be complete. If you are familiar with how these rules work and know that you have one of the exceptions where it is permissible to not show rests in voice 2, then you are indeed free to hide or delete them. But this is a decision that must be made case by case, as again,rules of notation normally require they all new shown except for some very specific cases.

Feel free to post a score you are having trouble with if in doubt.

So realize also that KIDI does not contain the short is information normally required to give good import. MuseScore tries as hard as it can, but it.will constantly run into the limitations of that format.

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Again, voice one *must* have rests where there are no notes. There are never extra rests in voice one - by definition, they are all needed. It's only voice two rests that can in certain specific situations possibly be hidden or deleted. If you are fmiliar with the specific rules of music notation that dictate when these rests must be shown and when they are optional, then go ahead and hide or delete the unnecessary ones - MuseScore allows you to do this.

Again, if you have a specific score you are having questions about or problems with, please post it here and explain what you are trying to do and why, and someone will probably be able to help.

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I know this is an old thread, but hopefully someone can help. I am having the same problem. There are notes in voice one on staff 1. No problem. Every beat is accounted for by either a note or a rest.
The extraneous rests appear in other staves within the same system. Voice 1 rests (which highlight in blue, when selected) appear in staff 2 (whose notes & rests highlight in green, because they are voice 2).
I have tried selecting them & deleting them using edit->cut, as well as command-x, as well as the delete key. None of these will remove the rests.
As a result, my scores are littered with V1 rests in all systems & it can be cumbersome for some to read.
I have attached a sample for you to look at.
Thank you, in advance for your assistance.

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Indeed, you should be using voice 1 for each staff. Only use voices >1 if you need more than one voice *on the same staff*.

If you already have a score you have entered incorrectly, it's not too late to fix. Select the contents of the staff with the problem, then Edit / Voices to move the contents of the staff to voice 1. Then you can remove the unnecessary rests from the original staff. If you need further assistance, please attach your specific score (not just a picture of it) and we can walk you the process in more detail.

I had the same problem. Based on the comments, which weren't entirely clear to me, but I did an experiemnt on a choral score. If you want stems up for soprano and stems down for alto, likewise for tenor and bass, use voice 1 for soprano and tenor and voice 2 for alto and bass. That worked for me.

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