Add way to revert to "default" drumset In the drumset editor

• Dec 19, 2014 - 18:51
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Steps to reproduce

  • Open the drum set editor by right-clicking a measure and selecting "Edit drum set".
  • Make changes.
  • Notice how you cannot revert to the default drum set settings – at least not inside the current score.

I think when making changes users would usually expect them to be either "non-destructive“ or easily revertible. I’d thus classify this issue as a bug.

Proposed solution
Add a "revert to default“ button. "lasconic" in #musescore on IRC approved of this solution.


FWIW, I wonder about a couple of things here:

1) What would a user expect "default" to mean here? Whatever was in effect when you first brought up the dialog? Whatever was in effect when you last saved the score? Whatever was in effect when you opened the score? Whatever was defined for the template from which this score was created (although that information probably isn't available)? Whatever you have defined as your own personal default in Edit / Preferences / Score / Style (assuming that includes a drum set definition)? Or whatever happens to be MuseScore's own built-in default? I could see *any* of those being desirable.

2) Why limit this to drum sets? Seems at least as relevant for other style settings. With the same set of questions about what "default" might actually mean.

Seems that simply providing a "house" style file you can load would be a good step, assuming that style files can include drum sets. If not, then a "house" style file *and* a "house" drum set file.

Thanks for looking into this issue, Marc. Those are good questions you ask.

1. My perspective is that of a new user, at least in the sense that I hadn’t saved or imported a set of my own yet. I was working off what was there which I simply assumed would be what you would call a "default“.

2. That "limitation" was not deliberate, I have only used MuseScore for drum notation, I didn’t think further.

As mentioned on IRC, the possibility of loading a set with the default settings I encountered when first using MuseScore (aptly called „Defaults“?) would be absolutely sufficient. In fact, I could well imagine it being the more intuitive solution than the suggested button – for the exact same reasons you mention in 1).

I have been thinking about this some more and I plan on coming up with ideas for an improved drumset editor in the not-too-distant future.

Marc (or somebody else), would you be able to point me to other relevant "style settings" (which you mentioned) to I can inspect them?

Assuming you are still talking about the drum set dialog, the only style setting that is relevant is the one I mentioned - Edit / Preferences / Score / Style, which allows you to specify a style (MSS) file file, which might possibly contain a drum set definition.

Title In the drum set editor add a "revert to default“ button Add way to revert to "default" drumset In the drumset editor

Ideal implementation to be found…