MuseScore2.0 beta 2: Cannot read file :/data/My_First_Score.mscx:Unknown error (Windows 7)

• Dec 23, 2014 - 01:55

Windows7, MuseScore2.0 beta 2. Installed it and got this error when I try to start MuseScore. Did an uninstall and reinstall and even a repair. On start up the error is

Cannot read file :/data/My_First_Score.mscx:
Unknown error

Can only click ok, the error goes away and the program crashes.


Problem only happens when trying to open Musescore by itself. If I click on a mscz file, the program start without a problem and loads the file.

This would be due to leftover settings from an older incompatible build. See Revert to factory settings to see how to clear these. Actually, with 2.0 builds, simply running "mscore -F" from the command line shoudl do the trick.

Would probably also work to start from another file as you have, then go into Edit / Preferences and change startup option. You should be able to keep using My_First_Score by changing the final "x" to a "z". Or if that doesn't help, change to one of the other options like "start empty".

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