Crash after "Cannot read file :/data/My_First_Score.mscx:Unknown error " in Beta 2

• Dec 22, 2014 - 22:27
S2 - Critical

Under Windows7

I have a crash after download, at the opening of Beta2 there is two minutes.

First, this message:

Then, the crash :(

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I don't think there is a My_First_Score.mscx, just a My_First_Score.mscz. Remnants from Beta 1, which should get sorted by a factory reset?
The first start went OK for me and did open My_First_Score.mscz and the start center

Not sure, shouldn't be needed really. Not even sure whether uninstall removes the settings. Also not sure whether on this machine Beta 1 was ever installed, or just nightlies and self build ones (which store their setting elsewhere).

I had a problem of shorcut with Beta1 apparently.
I had then this message (repair). Ok.
I reopen, but always same crash.
I go trying other thing, not know what exactly...

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Now you are closing too quick, we need to make sure this doesn't happen again with the final version, maybe by forcing a factory reset on first start?

A bit extreme. Maybe put up a dialog on first run saying something like, "existing preferences detected, might lead to crash, try to load anyhow or revert to factory settings?". Pick "load" the first time, if it crashes, pick "revert" next time.

Title Crash opening Beta2 Crash after "Cannot read file :/data/My_First_Score.mscx:Unknown error " in Beta 2

I'm not really sure it is due to the renamed file. that should be handled gracefully (with that warning dialog), my suspicion is more that it is down to modified keyboard shortcuts. @cadiz1: did you modify them?

OK, theory busted... just for the record: installing on another PC of mine, which defintly had Beta 1 installed, went without problems. I know though that I had changed setting to not start with My_First_Score, but with last session instead.

When I talked about shorcut in comment #4, I was talking about the shortcut icon of MuseScore Beta1 present on my Desktop (for quick launch of the programm)
After installing Beta2 and / or crash (I do not remember...), it took a funny appearance (I can not find the image), you know, with small squares kind Harlequin ...
Then I deleted everything, download again. But the message followed by crash were still there. Only "-F" helped resolve the issue.

I think that the download of the Beta2 has crushed/deleted the Beta1 (it disappeared from my programs) except thus of this shortcut on the desktop. Well, I speak quickly of assumptions that come in my mind in this morning and after a long and intense final day...