Note entry fills entire measure

• Jan 25, 2010 - 05:03
S4 - Minor

Apologies if someone has already brought up this major issue; I couldn't find anything about it here but I'm new to the site and to open source communities in general and may have missed something.

Operating system: Mac OS X 10.5.8
Version: Prerelease Revision 2451

Steps to reproduce:
-Create a new project; or open an existing project and add an empty measure
-Select any note value
-Add any note

Expected Behavior: Note is added with the selected duration
Actual Behavior: Note is added with a value that fills the entire measure. (The note value will be different depending on the time signature.)

This only happens if the measure is empty; if there is already a note in the same measure and same part (including the other staff of a piano part), entry is as expected.

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's worked on this project. It was quite a revelation to discover it!


Could you give more step-by-step details. Describe exactly what steps you are taking to "select any note value" Are you choosing a duration from the note entry toolbar or are you selecting a note/rest on the score? Are you using the mouse to select the duration or the computer keyboard? What steps are you taking to "Add any note"? (there are many ways to add a note in MuseScore)

Sounds to me as if you are not in "Note-entry" mode. Press "n" and then select the duration you want.
Otherwise, the deposited note will default to the rest.

More detailed:
-I select an empty measure or the whole rest in that empty measure.
-I select a note duration, either with the note entry toolbar or by pressing a number on the keyboard.
(Note - after this step in the stable version, the rest is divided. So in 4/4, selecting the quarter note value turns the whole rest into two quarter rests and a half rest. But in the prerelease, the rest remains a whole rest.)
-I enter a note by pressing a letter key on the keyboard. The note value fills the measure rather than being the selected value.

Sorry about the ambiguity; that was the only way I knew how to enter notes. The problem doesn't happen in the point-and-click note entry mode, so I'll just use that until the problem is fixed. :)

The step I think is missing is that you have to be in note entry mode before you select the duration.

A couple of questions: when you are trying to select the duration and place the note, do you see a largish blue cursor at the beginning of the bar you are dealing with?

When you are trying to place the note, do you have a "note representation" floating around which is there to give you a way to select the pitch?

If these are happening, then I am wrong. Otherwise you have to press "N" on the keyboard or select the capital "N" in the tool bar before selecting the duration.


After your explanation, Xavierjazz, and some more fooling around with note input, I think that this "bug" is just an interface difference between the stable and prerelease versions that had me confused. One entry method in the stable version was the one I described above, not starting from note-entry mode (though it causes a shift to note-entry mode at the end) and dividing the rest as an intermediate step. Since this method often resulted in awkwardly divided rests in empty bars for me, I can see why it was removed. Sorry about the confusing question then. But now I know the proper ways to enter notes, so thank you for the quick response!