strange select all element with time or key signature

• Dec 29, 2014 - 15:45

open the score attached (downloaded and modified with Beta 2)
Select a Key or Time signature in the flute part,
Click right , Select/ Select all similar element,
all other element (without the one I clicked first) seems to be selected, the one I used to select all similar element isn't

Is that the right behaviour ? I would have expected to select all similar element WITH the one I first selected ...?

In the score that behaviour isn't the same, all key signature seems to be selected.....

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Works fine for me too as far as I can tell. Can you be more specific about what you are doing? I did the following:

1) open score
2) right click the initial key signature (Eb) in the flute staff
3) Select / All Similar Elements

Result: all key signatures - including the one I right clicked - are highlighted. I can see this because they all turn blue.

Same thing if I start by right clicking the initial time signature, and also same thing if I select the key change at measure 25 or time signature change at measure 21.

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Ah, it wasn't clear from your description you literally meant to view the flute *part* - I was just selecitng a key signature within the flute staff within the score.

You are right, if you specifically are viewing the *part*, then there are issues with "select all". It's not actually actually about score versus parts; it's about multimeasure rests. So, actually, I think, a duplicate of #33476: "Select all similar" does not fully select elements attached to mmrests. I'll leave this one open anyhow as it is possible key signatures need to be treated differently than other element types and might require a separate fix,

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