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• Dec 31, 2014 - 02:26

I just downloaded 2.0 and it is nice. Under instruments it seems you have removed mandolin and there are no tabs for mandolin.

Is there some information I can send to help add in mandolin tab ?

Thank you in advance


Mandolin isn't "removed" from the instrument; it just isn't listed in the default "Common instruments" sub-grouping. Change to "All instruments" and you'll see it. You can then change the staff type to one of the 4-stirng tab types and have at it!

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Thanks cardiz, I will try that.

My 2c are that [tab] notation is quite common with some sting instruments - guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, ukulele . The tab is different between these instruments.

I would think if they were in the menu they would be used.

I am not sure about the notes working correctly or not as

1. 2.0 is in beta

2. I imported my current document from 1.3 ;)

With my current document, I had to add the tab notation in separate from the Treble cleff and the notes between the two were in no way linked or automated.

Again, I am willing to submit information or even write the .xml file if there is a reference to the format to use ;)

Alternately, it would be nice if one had the ability to edit these files or add a file if needed. as it is now muscore is one big binary blog, so, impossible to edit. Well not impossible, but, more work then i have time.

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If you want to have tab and standard staves linked, you need to use "Add linked staff" in the instruments dialog. Add the instrument first as standard, then click "add linked staff" and change the staff type to tablature (or vice verse).

But 1.3 scores lack the string data necessary to make tablature work, so you may not be able to do this in scores imported from 1.3 unless you first 'change instrument" on the staves you wish to add tablature too. "Changing" from mandolin to mandolin should work fine.

Not sure what you mean about tablature being "different" betwene those instruments. The principles should be exactly the same, just the info about how many strings and how they are tuned would differ, and MuseScore knows that information (plus you can customize it in Staff Properties). There are indeed different styles of tab - some uses stems, etc - but that's not a difference betwene *instruments* but of personal preferences, and in any case, this too is customizable via Staff Properties (or by simply selecting between the Simple / Common / Full templates).

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Yes, it's important to use Mandolin rather than Bass Guitar, or else the string information will be wrong and the tablature won't work correctly. Don't worry that there is no no predefined instrument called "Mandolin tab". That wouldn't do anything different from what cadiz1 shows above.

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There was some resistance to adding those wntries even for guitar; I think the concern the list would get too long. So I think a conscious choice was to add the convenience functions only for the most common instruments. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing it added for mandolin, nor would I mind seeing that instrument added to "Common". But that's just my opinion.

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thank you laconic and cardiz1 for your consideration and support. Having the option(s) available would be fantastic. The location is much less important and I understand the desire to keep the menus clean. So if you would be as kind to add tab for banjo and mandolin, and put them outside of common instruments, that would be great. Again, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

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Again, though, to be completely clear: the option is *alrewady* there. The necessary string data is already right there in the file. You can already start creating mandolin tabs by following the procedure I described - create regular mandolin staff (or, if importing a 1.3 score, change instrument to mandolin), then change the staff type to tab right there in the intruments dialog. It should work just fine already.

That said, I do plan to add the shortcut to the list to save those couple of extra clicks to change the staff type.

Here is a sample file I've set up as a template for linked notation and tab for mandolin. I have used MuseScore for about a week in Windows 7 and Linux Mint 17.3 and I'm very impressed! The file contains some sample notes and licks - to use the template just delete the notes, set up the score as you require (key, time signature, etc) and away you go. I use it like TablEdit - enter notes in the tablature and the regular notation appears automatically. Very impressed by the options to set the tremolo speed in the tremolo palette - the TablEdit method is more primitive.

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