Breath mark changes tempo

• Dec 31, 2014 - 20:12
S4 - Minor

Maybe related to #42966 and/or #37191

I created a score with an initial tempo of 80 bpm in the new score wizard. Afterwards I changed the tempo to 100 bpm using a new tempo mark at the beginning of the score. As soon as playback hits a measure containing a breath mark, the tempo switches to 80 bpm. This happens not at the breath mark but at the beginning of the measure.


I can reproduce this in you posted score, but not in one I create from scratch using a current build. Do you find the same? If not, can you provide a list of steps to reproduce this in a score created from scratch in a current build?

It's possible the score itself is already partially "corrupted" bu a bug in an earlier build, and if so, then there is no need to be concerned about this, But if we can reproduce in a score reated from scratch - or imported from 1.3 - that is something we'd need to look at.

My score was created in Beta 1. I currently cannot get my hands on anything more recent, since the nightlies have never worked for me.
I'll try to reproduce this in simple steps tomorrow and post the results.

Well, if it's with Beta 1, it won't be very interesting - that's over 4 months and hundreds of bug fixes ago. Have you asked for help with the nightlies on the forum, or tried compiling yourself?

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Alright. I got a nightly to work, and the problem is gone even with the existing score.
Now the breath marks sound a little weird, but that has already been posted in another issue.

Thanks for your patience!