How do I correct measure length issues?

• Jan 5, 2015 - 16:48

Over time I keep running into measure length issues, where the notes lenght doesn't add up to the expected length of the measure. It could be that some of these fragments were copied from scores created with earlier versions of Musescore. See attached score.

What is the best way of fixing these? Re-opening the files does not detect and correct them as far as I can tell. I'm using the latest, revision a925ae0.


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There is no general answer to this. In some cases, it may turn out the actual duration of the measure has been changed, in which case you can right click the measure, Measure Properties, and set the correct actual duration. In some cases the missing notes are in a vocie other than 1 and can be recovered by exchanging voices (twice, to return things to their original voices). In some cases - as in measure 3 of your example - you might get lucky and just be able to select the measure, press delete, and find things OK. In other cases, things are are more badly corrupted and you need to completely delete the problems measures (Ctrl+Delete) then reinsert and re-enter.

Haven't found the pattern, but an example is attached. (Reinecke, Op. 288, measure 32 in the pf part). The treble staff is short a sixteenth note, but the bass staff is correct. I tried using Voice 2 in the treble and it works out correctly; however it seems to be passing the mismatch on to later measures. In fact if I do that, measure 33 is short a full eighth note. Maybe this will help diagnose it.

Using MS 1.3 rev 5702. Check for updates claims there are none, and I'm not up to using betas and nightlies.

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I don't know how it happened, but you can select that measure, use menu item: Edit / Voices -- then click two times on Exchange Voice 1-2. The second click puts the voice back to the original. Afterwards, the second voice rest (turns green when selected) can be deleted.

Another fix:
Right click on the measure.
In Measure Properties change the actual duration to 8/8.
Next, change it back to 9/8.
Adjust beams and re-enter the bass clef chord that got eliminated.


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