Audio hangs for a while even when the selected SF/Zerberus top file is not changed from the list

• Jan 6, 2015 - 19:28
S4 - Minor
won't fix

OS: Windows (But probably aplly to all)
Build: Latest nightly from here [R.3e6763e6]


If you change the position of a file in the list while playing, the audio will hang for a while even if the file on the top isn't changed.

E.g: (while playing)

I have a SoundFont list:

* default.sf3
* GoodOne.sf3
* OldButGold.sf2

If I change oldButGold.sf2 to the GoodOne.sf3 position the audio will hang (for a short time), even if it wasnt changed to the top (The top is the actual playing soundfont, so it only should be reloaded if it was changed)

Its no big deal, but it can be a little annoying if you are changing your soundfonts while playing.

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Its not true that only the top soundfont is playing. _All_ soundfonts are playing, that is they can be accessed by the synthesizer. Any change to the list will therefore stop the synthesizer during the move operation.