Disable courtesy key/time signatures for individual instance

• Feb 5, 2010 - 06:03
S5 - Suggestion

Use Case:
A single MuseScore file sometimes contains multiple sections (e.g. a work with multiple movements or a songbook). Each new movement/song may start with a different key signature or time signature. However the previous movement/song should not end with a courtesy key or time signature.

Suggestion 1:
Right click on a key or time signature and have an option to disable the courtesy key or time signature.

Suggestion 2:
Add a "Section" break to the "Breaks & Spacer" palette. A section break would disable the courtesy key and time signatures for the end of the previous measure. It would also should the InstrumentLong name for the first line of the new section.

Of the two options I prefer the second.

Original forum post http://musescore.org/node/4300


I would also prefer the second because it would be undoable. If you right-click to disable the courtesy time/key/clef, where do you right-click to enable it again? Presumably a section break could simply be deleted.

I also prefer the second solution.

In addition to courtesy indications before the section break, the break should also avoid the 'additional' naturals added to the first key signature after the break, if the key changed. For example:

1st movement in G major - 2nd movement in G minor: the first key of the second movement (i.e. after the break) will include an F natural in addition to the flats, to 'turn off' G major. This F natural should not appear.


Two more features would be very useful for the future section break (if any...):

1) It should/could/would act as re-starting point for voltas (this can be simulated by adding a volta-starting bar line and making it invisible, but it still leaves some empty space in the staff).

2) The possibility to make the section break to result in a few seconds of silence during play-back would be SUPER!



This is all very interesting. What an exciting project!

Re: silence between movements. This sparked the thought that it would be great to use a method similar to Dr. T's KCS - namely provide the ability to call other routines (scores) from within a single score.

So, each movement could be assembled separately, including the needed silences and then assembled in a "Master score", if you will. This was very useful in my sequencing days.


So, is this fixed? When will the version including the fix be released? Should I download a pre-release if I need this ability?