Space between staves : decrease, not increase

• Feb 8, 2010 - 02:58

I would like to squeeze my staves a little bit closer together. I do that, I believe I can fit everthing on one page instead of having an extra page with only one line.

Problem : the spacer tool allows me to increase space, but not decrease !

Is there anything I can do ?


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It's a bit quirky.

Also, I have trouble identifying what some of these fields do exactly, and it's not documented.
I've experimented a little and still can't figure it out.

So, before touching that, always save your current document, and don't save it again until you're sure everything's ok.

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LMRULZ, could you give specific instructions for what you experienced when you say, "It didn't work for me that way. I almost lost everything! If I didn't look at the preview, I would have been done for..."

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There are three different distances here. Grand staff distance is the distance between two stave of a single instrument (eg, piano RH and LH). Staff distance is the distance between different instruments in a system (eg, the piano part and violin part in a sonata). System distance is the distance between *systems* - one full line of music (possibly encompassing two staves of piano as well as one of violin, for example) and the next. You need to change the proper setting for the particular result you are looking for. And for system distance, this is allowed to "float" in MuseScore to allow pages to appear equally full even when there are different numbers of systems per page, as is very common for songbooks, for example. So you need to consider both the minimum and maximum values you wish to allow.

If you continue to have trouble, as usual, please attach your particular score and describe as precisely as possible what you are trying to do, and we can give you step by step instructions to accomplish it.

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There is no single "default" - each template has its own, plus you can define your own default via edit / preferences, and then MuseScore has its own built in default it might different from version to version. So there is no way to know which of these possible defaults to restore. If you wodner what the distances were in, say, a score created from the "Treble Staff" template, just open that and look for yourself.

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I am experiencing similar issues, so here is my score. It's for concertina, so only one stave. I put all my music into a display book so it's important to get as much on a page as possible so sets don't go to more than 2 pages, otherwise they are difficult to handle. I would like to reduce the vertical space between staves. I have tried the vertical spaces, they are excellent to increase spacing, but will not decrease it. What would be really helpful is a page marked up with hand written notes showing where the various distances are.

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Because you have less systems on the page than a full page, MuseScore will try to space it out as evenly as possible; in this case this means using the maximum system distance.

Adjust maximum system distance to 8sp and minimum distance to something less than or equal to 8sp to ensure the rehearsal mark still fits between the systems.

See also

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I’d also like to have my systems closer than I can get them, probably closer than others would find acceptable. In any case, one thing I did manage, is to select the lyrics of a particular system, and reduce its Y offset which brings these lyrics closer to its system, and in turn the system beneath it too.

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