Fretboard diagram improvements

• Jan 16, 2015 - 07:19

Thank you so much for implementing fret diagram scalability and, finally, barrée functionality! Long awaited and most welcome :-)

1) Is it already possible to have short barrés as well, for example from second to fourth string?
2) Concerning the layout, I'd suggest the barré line have the same width as the fingering dots.

Thank you for your replies.


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Well, I can... take the default symbol, leftclick on the dot on the top fret (which you seem to have done), then shift+leftclick the same position, or any other in the top fret
Anyway, this hasn't got a lot to do with this topic here...

And it is fixed now.

What I'd like to see as another improvement would be fingering information, i.e. the number of the finger to use for which of the dots or barré (1 for index-, 2 middle-, 3 ring-, 4 little finger, 5 thumb?), above or inside the barrè or dots or in case of the dots, even instead of those?

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According to me, it is secondary. And above all, I doubt that a fingering indication would be visible and legible given the scale of the diagram in the score: see attachment.There should be a conflict between the dot and the fingering.The simpler the better, in my opinion.
fingering barré.jpg

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Well, one more option, why not. But I'm not sure it collects a favorable opinion among developers (unless it is "easy" to implement, and this, I totally ignores)

A better idea might be to add the fingering in that way? (see attachment). In this case, no doubt: it would be legible.
But for after the 2.0! ;-)


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One last idea for improvement (for me, and always for after 2.0!) I think the lines should exactly stop just before and after the frets. Like this:

Currently, we see an in-between: ie, bits of lines, which are not very successful, right? This does not visually provides a crisp and clear final appearance.


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In addition to cadiz' reminders that besides fret numbers at the side of the fretboard diagram,

(1) partial barres as well as full fingerboard width barres are needed -- sometimes more than one in a chord -- and

(2) fingerings applicable to each string are used (and oft available from abc-like notations),

(3) chord roles of each note are often found, such as x R 3 5 R 3 above left and R 5 R 3 5 R above right. These sometimes need sharps and flats, as for b5 b7 #9 chords -- jazzy!

(4) Also pertinent is putting notenames: such as x C E G C E above left diagram and F C F A C F above right diagram. Could an additional row be provided?

Thanks. Very useful!

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I couldn't agree more. If you're going to have fretboard diagrams and want to compete against other notation packages out there, then the finger numbers below the grid are imperative to have for guitarists. I can't imagine this would be too hard to implement?

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Has any progress been made in adding fingering to fretboard diagrams?

There was some discussion about not being visible due to scale, but that is irrelevant, because the scale is a parameter. In fact, I will be using Muse in some cases for nothing but chord diagrams, and they will, therefore, be scaled quite large. But not showing fingerings is just as problematic as if Muse failed to allow fingering on piano notation. I have have played both instruments for 40+ years, and can tell you that in both cases, fingering is nearly as vital information to capture as the notes themselves, especially when a non-standard or non-intuitive fingering gives the best results.

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FYI: MuseScore is open source, meaning anyone who feels like can contribute to its development. There is no single "chord diagram developer"; the feature is developed by whomever happens to feel like working on it at any given moment. Everyone works on what they perceive to be most important, and I guess this has never risen to that level. If there is no active suggestion for this feature in the issue tracker, step one would be to submit one.

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Well, I have just discovered a new feature! The barré for plucked instruments was implemented on 15 and 16 January.

In addition, what we were talking about a larger scaling in a previous message: " And that scale it would indeed be illegible, but having it as option, at a larger scaling, would be useful", was also implemented at the same moment :)

I missed that because I had not opened the Inspector during these operations: my attention was more inclined towards the line thickness in Style -> General -> Chords symbols ...

So, it's really a great feature as it is true that the default value (1.00) could seem small.
It's surely to add to the Handbook :)

Proposal below: Text (and by adding the screenshots)
- You may change the scale of a fretboard diagram in Inspector (F8):

1) Select the diagram (defaut value 1.00)
default scale.jpg
2) Modify this default value
With this result e.g:
scale fret diagram.jpg

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