XML Issues, Take Two

• Feb 11, 2010 - 15:21

Having finished some long standing work using 0.9.5, I finally had the liberty of downloading the latest trunk, I compiled it against Qt 4.6.1 (latest version), and tested all my control files. Following are my findings:

  1. Grace notes are still exported using "backup" elements, in place of a "grace" element, as stated in the standard.
  2. Two-note tremolos are still not exported at all, but this time the tremolo beams are displayed shifted to the right too much that they collide with minim stems (for example). Besides, when the MuseScore pre-release read my previously made file that contained two-note tremolos, it displayed them in a very strangely looking way.
  3. Again, when a note has a composite articulation, e.g. tenuto + staccato, only one of them appears in the exported XML (usually the staccato). And, again, some articulation signs are not exported at all, like the espressivo.
  4. Adding a tempo string, and changing its bpm value to 80, the value that got exported was 79.9998.
  5. 8va markings, unlike slurs, are still anchored in between notes, not to the notes concerned. This results in a complicated situation where the 8va element stops at the start of a measure if the last note within it is the last note of the preceding measure. I couldn't compare the situation with other notation software, but will try.

I hope I'm not being pedantic, or picky, or whining too much...

Hosam Adeeb Nashed


1. Could you share an example. As I mentioned in the previous thread, grace notes export for me with the "grace" element
2. I opened a bug report. You can click "subscribe" if you want to follow any developments. #4477: MusicXML: tremolos between two notes not exported/imported
3. Could you open a bug report for this in the issue tracker? Otherwise it might get lost.
4. Same as above. Could you open a bug report for this issue?
5. 8va markings export depends on the anchor positions of the line. See Lines for more details. I believe the default positioning of the 8va marking is a little confusing it is more of a MuseScore UI issue than an export bug.

Pedantic and picky is what we need for accurate MusicXML support :) Keep the bug reports coming!

Well, when one sees something good ...

So, after many trials and errors, I can report the following, using r2613 of the 0.9.6 pre-release:

  1. Grace notes are good!!! The reason for my last report seems to stem from some quirks happening elsewhere...
  2. To explain the last remark, I had many crashes when trying to open some files, both freshly made and old. This time, I received an error message on the console that the culprit is an invalid Ottava element....
  3. But when things do go smoothly, ottava elements are put where they should!!!
  4. Instrument abbreviated names are there!

To end, I can state that Life Is Good.

Hosam Adeeb Nashed

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