(1.3) Musescore crashes every time i try to delete an instrument from the list.

• Jan 20, 2015 - 23:35

Topic name speaks for itself. Its an orchestral score and it is several days old now (been working on it day after day). Attachment included. Ignore the line on the left, it was a mistake.



Could you attach the actual score?

There will be no more fixes to the 1.x series, but perhaps something can be done with the file. :)

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I guarantee there is no one trolling the forums here looking for unfinished and unregistered music to "steal". But in any case, if someone should, your having psoted it here would constitute pretty definitive proof that you had written on this date. That is, it would do nothing but help your case. There is no cause for concern.

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I can indeed reproduce the crash with this on 1.3. The good news is, with 2.0 Beta 2 it does not crash, so maybe this is a good reason to use that?
Even if it were just to delete that instrument and export as XML, then import in 1.3 and continue working on it there, maybe?

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If there is no urgency, my advice would be to wait until the release of 2.0 and continue from there - compared to other methods, this will probably preserve the state of the score as best as possible (though there might be some differences in layout). There is no date, but I don't think it will be long (maybe in the next few months).

Testing it and subsequent developments (e.g. via nightly builds or self-compiling) is helpful, although I wouldn't recommend it for serious work, as there is the risk of significant bugs remaining.

About the channels, see this . Hopefully there will be progress shortly.

The file may be corrupted, hence the request to see the actual file. One thing worth trying (I don't know if it will work or not) would be to go to File -> Parts and create a Part with all the instruments except the offending one.

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Yes, but at least you can create a score with the instruments you want. Attached is one without the clarinet.

You could download 2.0 Beta and use it just for this project and keep 1.3 installed for your usual work if you prefer. I was using 1.3 mainly and only using 2.0 Beta when I needed a newer feature (like grace notes at the end of a measure) but increasingly I'm just using 2.0 Beta and getting fewer problems with each build.

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