Session management clash when starting second MuseScore

• Feb 12, 2010 - 19:16
S2 - Critical

Start MuseScore
Start another MuseScore
Popup comes up that MuseScore was not closed correctly the previous time

Tested on Win Vista with 0.9.6 beta 1

I'm not sure how this can be fixed. Perhaps using a unique key in the session filename and ....


Status (old) active fixed

Apparently, QtSingleApplication was not working if no parameter was passed to MuseScore.
This behaviour is changed in r2707. MuseScore cannot be run several times and so the session problem is out.

I tested with nightly r.2713 but it still opens two sessions and I get the "previous session unexpectedly quit" message on the second time. I opened both times from the shortcut I have in my start menu (nightly.exe).

Perhaps this is limited to the Windows nightly builds?

To have the same behavior with the nightly you may need to change line 1706 in mscore.cpp from
QtSingleApplication* app = new QtSingleApplication("mscore", argc, av);
QtSingleApplication* app = new QtSingleApplication("nightly", argc, av);

Maybe QtSingleApplication app relies on the name of the executable to do its magic ?

I tested again with a vanilla build of r2713 and it's working on my computer.