How to save my score as an MP3 file?

• Jan 23, 2015 - 22:51

When I try to export, I get a message that I need a LAME driver. The self-help for Musescore says MP3 is not supported. How can I create an MP3 that I really need?
Thanks in advance!


The current officially released / supported version of MuseScore - 1.3 - does not support MP3 export directly. You'd need to export as WAV or some other format then use another program like Audacity to convert (and that program will itself probably need the LAME library).

The experimental prerelease versions of MuseScore - eg, the beta and nightly builds - do support MP3 export direct, by way of LAME. The documentation you are looking at probably is referring to the 1.3 version. Anyhow, if you have already installed LAME for Audacity, then MsueScore should find it, but otherwise, you will need to install it and tell MuseScore where you put it.

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FWIW, I wouldn't say anyone "gave up" on that. Just that since you seem to be the only person affected, it seems it has to do with your non-standard installation, and I have no way of testing / debugging on Mac. Maybe when lasconic returns from his vacation he will be able to.

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Not sure what you mean by "non-standard installation." I installed the LAME library fresh, using the installer package to make sure it was put in the right place in the system, and I did a factory reset on the app. Also, I just downloaded a new nightly build and went through the exact same process. Nothing non-standard about my installation—unless you mean that Mac OS X is now a non-standard operating system, which seems unlikely. ;-)

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You mentioned something about outting it in your Documents folder, and having difficulty finding the folders mentioned in the documentation. I'm not Mac expert, have no Mac to try this out on, so I can't reproduce any of this. But again, you seem to be the only one affected, so *something* seems unusual about your system. What, I cannot say - again, it's just not my area, and the one develop who uses a Mac is on vacation,.

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