Verse Numbering in Lyrics

• Jan 26, 2015 - 12:04

I'd like to add verse numbers, but I haven't been able to figure out how to do it.

I looked in the user handbook and searched here.

Is there a simple command?

I faked it in one of my scores (see attached) because I got lucky and there was a rest at the beginning of each line.

It looks like it was worked on recently.

(Which actually looks like it would give a LOT of versitility if it was done.)

I am using 1.3.

If I have to have Beta 2 for this feature I might install it, I was waiting for it to be declared stable.

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just enter the number as part of the 1st syllable, generating the space by Ctrl-Space.
2.0 will atomatically render it correcly alighen (left algined to the first character of the syllable, so ignoring the leading number and space), in 1.x you may have to move them into place manually

So glad this was posted! Here is what I figured out from this discussion:

Numbering verses in MuseScore 3 -
Enter a new text (Ctrl+L on the note),
write "1."
and then press Ctrl+Space.

If I already wrote "1.Good", it was enough to enter the text cell, stand with the cursor exactly after the dot ".", and then press Ctrl+Space.

Saved me lotsa time!

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