When toggling loop make the screenreader read what status the loop is in (enable/disabled)

• Jan 27, 2015 - 12:38
S4 - Minor
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On Windows, one can toggle the loop using (Shift+L), the screenreader should read the status of the loop, so whether it's on or off.


Add-on request to this: when setting the beginning or the end of the loop, the screen reader could say:
* loop start position: measure X, beat Y
* loop end position: measure X, beat Y

Video coming over.

I think that this is part of a bigger feature that I will eventually implement that offers feedback about commands in general. The reason why it's not yet done it's because I don't think there is an easy way to do this, so even if I start working, I think it will not get merged until 2.0. Also, I think it might involve some scripting on the screen-reader side (even for NVDA). If I do find an easy way to do this I will surely implement it.
I say commands in general, because almost all commands from the toolbar are included here like:
- Enable MIDI input
- Rewind
- Play repeats
- Play metronome during playback
- Changing note duration
- Changing voice
(and others)
If they are triggered with shortcuts, there will be no feedback.
The reason why this is a more elaborate task it's because there is no global accessibility message. The feedback depends on the object that has focus at that point. This is why I think scripting in the screen-reader is required, to define something that will toggle the speaking regardless of the object that has focus in that moment.
This is how I see things at the moment, but like I said, there might be an easier way and if I find it I will implement that as quickly as possible. :)

Status (old) active postponed

Indeed, I follow your conclusion that this falls under a larger issue. Let's put it on postponed until we learn more about accessibility design patterns in other software, whether Qt based or not.