coloring individual notes

• Jan 29, 2015 - 00:08


I've found MuseScore plugins for drawing specific pitches with specific colors. But for my purposes, I just want to identify which tones in a melody are chord tones. Is there a way I can click on individual notes and tell them to be, say, red instead of black? (Maybe later I'd automate w/a plugin if I could figure out how to read the score's chords ... but for now manual is fine.) Right clicking on a note and selecting "Style" gives various note props one can change, but color isn't listed; selecting "Edit Element" produces nothing. From the plugins I've viewed, the color property seems deeply hidden.

Please advise. Thanks.


Elsewhere you mention using 2.0 beta builds, so I'll give the answer for that:

Click the note, then look at the controls at the top of the Insepctor.

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Wow ... never seen that very useful inspector before (to figure out how to display that, had to type "Inspector" into the help window; found it under Menu item "View"). I had thought the "ctrl right click" equiv on a touch pad would bring up the inspector, but instead that must bring up a context menu. Really glad to know about the inspector. Thanks.

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didn't seem to come up in mine (installed and downloaded today) and i don't recall ever closing it. if i get around to finishing up my must-do-now music editing business i'll try the "restore default settings" you mentioned to me in another post. thanks for the help! its great.

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