Changing instrument name

• Jan 29, 2015 - 05:57

Is there a way to change an instrument's name in a staff? Tried double clicking on its text at the right of each staff, also inspector. Can't figure out how.



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Hmmm ... seems to work. High level question: when to look for something in Inspector and when to use "context sensitive" menu? Is there some abstraction here that can help me as I stumble along?

I might have come across a bug, though. I'll attach a screen shot of what happens to the top stave when I use the method you rec'd to change the last "Violin" staff to "Baritone" (and I then tried "Bari" to see if length was part of the problem). Notice the extra bunch of extra space added to the "Long Instrument Name".

One nice thing I found from playing is that these changes don't modify any future "Violin" names (which is good; I'm using this as a bit of a hack).


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In general, "most" things are in inspector, and my guess is more things will move there over time. Things that require a more complicated UI are still in dialogs accessed from the context menu, plus a few things that I guess no one has gotten around to moving.

As for the space - hard to help without (EDIT: I originally wrote "with") the actual score and precise steps to reproduce. But there are occasional glitches like you show that fix themselves immediately as soon as you do anything to the score - even just a "select all" - that forces a re-layout.

Not sure whjat you mean about "future violin names" - if you means in other staves or other scores, then indeed, yes. Staff properties is for that staff only.

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