playback is not correct

• Feb 18, 2010 - 16:58
S4 - Minor

In Play back mode, 1st time thru, it skips measure 43 & 48
In Play back mode, 2nd time thru, it goes thru the 1st ending and then into the 2nd ending
In Play back mode, it goes to the d s al coda and back to the coda sign correctly, but, it does not go to the coda at the (“3rd time to coda” sign) it just plays thru the whole page until the end

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The Verse - finished.mscz, 6.55 KB


Read the volta section of the handbook--particularly the section about brackets that span more than one measure. Delete the endings you have and redo them.

Also be aware that there are some playback issues with volta brackets if you are using version 0.9.5 or earlier.