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Using v2Beta2 on Win7.

Having a look round at various options I've not used before and unwittingly have set the Plugin "Colour Notes" How do I turn it off? I don't want coloured notes showing.


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Then are you sure you used that plugin in the first place? You used the word "unwittingly", maybe you are mistaken about what was going on? It would help if you posted the actual score.

BTW, the plugin works on a selection, so you do have to select the colored portion of your score first to turn it black again.

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File attached as requested.
Nothing I've tried will remove the colours from the notes.

There are also a couple of other oddities.
1. It seems a melisma doesn't cross staves (see bars 67-71) and again in bar 77. Is it supposed to?

2. On playback, the Volta at bar 106 doesn't repeat at all, plays the music as far as bar 81 (D.S. al coda) and correctly goes back to bar 18 and plays to bar 64 (correct), then goes to the Coda at bar 82 (also correct but then plays as far as bar 106 and stops. And I don't understand why the playback won't repeat bars 99-105 and then play 107-112.

I'm new to all this, think it's brilliant software and I'm learning pretty well (I think) but totally puzzled about what is NOT happening. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Melismas do cross staves as of a couple of weeks ago, so a recent nightly build will fix that. not that I see any example of that in this score?

Regaridng the color, it appears there are two separate things going on. Some of the colors are due to the plugin, and selecting all followed by running the plugin again with remove those colors. But some colors will remain. Those that remain are *not* the result of the colornotes plugin, so that explains why that plugin won't remove them. The notes are appearing colored on screen (but won't print that way) to wanr you that you have entered notes out of range for the instruments that you have assigned to play the parts. In particular, you have the tenors singing way, way, way up high, past what pmost people can produce even falsetto. I'm guessing you were intending to enter the notes as if you were using the octave-transposing verison of the treble clef - the one with the little "8" under it. Change to that clef - which was the default but it appears you changed it? - and you can enter notes on the top half of the staff that can actually be sung :-). Also, you have the basses singing a low F, which is colored as being outside the "amateur" range but not unsingable by professionals.

You can customzie the ranges that report these warnings in staff properties, or turn them off completely in preferences, but in this case, they did you a service, warning you that you've written the tenor parts an octave higher than you probably meant.

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Just realized there was more than one page - Amen made me think that was the end :-)

Yes, the melismas on page 4 do continue across systems in the current nightly build.

As for playback of repeats, repeats within codas are currently not working correctly - I guess the algorithm that knows not to take repeats on a DS doesn't knwo it's OK to take them again in the coda. See #23773: After the coda, a repeat mark was a neglected playing.

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Thanks Marc, I did change the clef for the tenor voices, simply to match what we usually sing from.

Are there any instructions anywhere about how to download/use a nightly build? I gather each nightly build is now unlikely to add problems, more tidying up?

I read the #23773 comments, but couldn't workout if it's a design issue that will always act the same way or if it has been accepted as a problem that needs correcting and will be at some time.

Thanks again for your comments and for your skills in developing this software, much appreciated, our small MV choir will soon have music we can read instead of photo copies of photo copies etc.

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If you wish to use the standard treble clef but right the music an octave higher, you can set the transposition to make it sound an octave lower - that control is also in Staff Properties. And it will quiet MuseScore's range warnings as well.

To download a nightly build, simply visit the Download link at the top of the menu at right of this pagel scroll down to find the nightly builds

Regaridng the issue with playback of repeats in coda, it's a bug, to be sure. But a relatively low priority one - playback is very secondary in importance to notation.

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