How to run nightly builds of MuseScore with localization in Linux

• Feb 22, 2010 - 16:08

Hi all

I'am traing to use and translate (to Ukrainian) nightly MuseScore under Linux.
(Current stable version of Musescore 0.9.5 in Debian Squezee not worked perfectly - hi load CPU, not dispayed text hints, not opened some menus etc).

Trying two ways:

1) use beta or nightly build from Windows - installed/run under wine
- problem only with ugly or not-usable displayed note-fonts
... exist or not solutions for it?

2) nyghtly linux builds (
not all builds started succesfully
- problem - localization not accessible (choosing language in preferences not work)
... maybe exist some comand line options for switch language?

Is anyone successfully used nightly/beta builds in Linux?


Make a copy of your stable MuseScore directory and call it something like MuseScoreNightly. Uncompressed the nightly bz2 file and move the extracted application to the MusescoreNightly/bin directory.

Now when you open the nightly it should now be able to find the locale translations.

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Not work.

I used nightly linux version r2451 because more fresh version don't start (maybe need qt 4.6).
Was used folders with stable/nightly version of MuseScore for Windows.
Executable mscore-r2451 was putted to bin/.
Few qt-string translated but not main UI mscore (screenshot added).

Also attached with screenshot of nightly r2764 windows mscore under wine (some result also with stable win-version).
In this variant maybe present problem with mscore fonts.

It's all little problem, but interest use mscore in such manner.

P.S. environment: Linux Debian Squezze (testing)

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You can download the most recent Ukrainian translation which will probably show more translated strings. Save your downloaded file into the locale folder.

However since you are using an old nightly build there may be parts of the software where the strings have changed during development and the Ukrainian translation may not match up so you will see some English still.

The most recent nightly builds do require Qt 4.6

I build and use MuseScore trunk on my Ubuntu 9.10 with a self-built Qt 4.6.1 from the upcoming Ubuntu 10.04 release and I don't have any localization or font issues with my builds (many translations are more or less incomplete though). You could test whether Qt 4.6 packages can be built successfully on Squeeze from or from the qt4-x11 source for Ubuntu 10.04. This is by far the most complicated part. The resulting packages have to be installed with dpkg manually. Compilation time for Qt 4.6 should be 3-6h depending on hardware.

You find the patch which has to be applied to current MuseScore source to build debian packages in quick&dirty style with CPack at

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