Voices change when saving to .wav

• Feb 8, 2015 - 01:09

I changed Choral Aahs to Yamaha Grand Piano. Fine when playing in MuseScore, but when I export to .wav one voice remains in Choral Aahs. Tried changing voice to several options but get same results

Using Beta on Mac. Began with SATB and added Baritone. To have the Bari line read in treble clef, I called it Tenor, then changed the name to Baritone.

All voices, except Baritone, export as piano, but Baritone has reverted to Choral Aahs

When exported individual parts, all came through as piano. It is only when exporting all that the problem occurs


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FWIW, the mixer shows "Electric Piano" for baritone for me. And it's set to solo that track. But the exported audio does not honor the "solo" setting - it exports the whole score. That might be a bug in itself. But for me, I don't hear the choir aahs. Can you check to be you sure you're not accidentally playing an older version of the exported audio? If you are sure, maybe then try closing and restarting MuseScore and regenerating the audio to see if the problem persists? Might be a temporary glitch that would be nice to understand hwo to reproduce. But for now, I don't hear a problem with the exported audio on my system.

I had deleted the earlier versions when I regenerated the song, so I am sure that was not it. That said, it does seem to have been a temporary problem. Works ok now for some reason. I'll keep an eye on it though. Thanks

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