Can't delete rogue system text

• Feb 9, 2015 - 16:15

OS X 10.2.2 NB b9e10df

I have started a score (so there is little in it) as I work through the structure of the song. I inserted a system text at rehearsal mark E in the attached score, but realized I actually wanted in the third measure of E instead. I should have deleted it and recreated it, but instead I dragged it. Then I decided to go back and delete it and insert one at the third measure...except that the first system text now can't be selected for deletion or anything. In the attached file, the "Trumpet Solo" system text on top is the new one and is still selectable. The one below it is not. How do I get rid of this rogue system text? Or is this a bug?


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I don't see it. Close and reopen, do you still see it?

Edit: now I see it too... wasn't there earlier, honest!...

Select one system text, right-click, select, all similar, Ctrl+R
Now it is back to its original position, can get selected and deleted

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Indeed, #10290: Objects shouldn't leave the page. As I observe in a comment there, disallowing items from being dragged off the page is not sufficient - items can potentially end up moving off a page any time the page layout changes. Eg, an element on top system of page that you drag downwards but still on the page; if layout changes and that system moves to bottom of previous page, that item may now be off the page.

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I agree.

So why not "anchor" text objects just like other objects? When I pick up a hairpin for example, if it has been moved (as frequently happens when you copy and paste and the pasted hairpin is no where near the location relative to the copied text), you can see the the anchor point and move it accordingly.

Clearly making a zombie element is not preferable :-)

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It's not just about text, and merely showing the anchor doens't change anything. The same issue happens moving hairpins or any other object. Once it has moved off the page - either because you moved it off, or the layout changed out from under it it - it becomes unselectable in the same way and for the same reason. In the issue report, I make some suggestions about how this could be addressed effectively.

Sorry, did you say OS X 10.2.2?? Leaving aside the question of whether even PowerPC users are still running Jaguar, no version of MuseScore should be supported, certainly not 2.0 nightly builds. What OS version did you mean to say?

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