Single Staff Entry

• Feb 12, 2015 - 18:36

I have a score with two instruments. I want to add a single staff at the end of the score. Thanks


Meaning you want three instuments? Press "I" to bring up the instruments dialog, add another instrument - or another staff to the second instrument if that's what you really mean. Or maybe you just mean, you want more measures - in which case, Add / Measures / Append Measures, however many measures you need.

Hmm, or maybe you mean you want the last systemof the score to show only one of the two instruments. In which case, its Style / General / Hide Empty Staves that you want.

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Ah, I see. You have two staves, and they are *both* empty, but you want one of them to show up. This is probably not the right situation for multimeasure rests. That symbol literally means *rest* for the specified number of measures, but you really seem to mean *improvise* for that number of meausrews. The more standard way of indicating that would be with slash notation, not rests. But occasionally, I know some fakebooks will use the multimeasure rest symbol as a substitute for slashes just to save space. So assuming you want to emulate that, what you need is to go to Staff Properties for the top staff and check "Never hide" or "Do not hide if system is empty" (either one works in this situation), then turn on "Hide empty staves".

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