Adding grace notes procedure appears to be very complicated

• Feb 28, 2010 - 13:03

Enter notes (as in the attached image), which are fully filed in term of time. Now go back and try to add two leading grace notes, using 1/32 duration. You'll see two notes produced, magically, at the position you clicked, and not until the notes are all marked as grace notes (using template to add attributes to notes) that the duration of the existing notes are restored. Can we have the reverse of the procedure, that is

- Turn on the mode for grace note entry
- Enter the notes and all are marked as grace notes.
- Press ESC to turn off the grace entry mode, back to normal mode.

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Let me explains this in more detail. The image I attached was used in an OCR software (SharpEyes 2.68) to produce the MusicXML file. Loading this file into the MuseScore and all grace notes disappeared, due to the duration calculation (possibly), I'm guessing, which is understandable. However, trying to add 1/32 notes (F) to start creating the grace-notes, using version r2795, two notes are automatically produced by the software at the cliked point, at the beginning of the bar, (F & A), when the duration of the remaining notes are adjusted, which is correct in terms of total duration allowed (6/8). If delete (A) manually, a rest is created - a catastrophy for people who just learn how to use the software. If you drive ahead, it's likely that you'll have to remove all notes in the bar and re-enter them, which waste the whole point of OCR.

I think you don't enter the grace note well. To enter a grace note, select a notehead and double click a note in the Notes/Grace notes palette.

On the other hand, for the moment, MuseScore does not enable edition with time shift. So you replace existing notes or rests with new notes but nothing will shift.