Call for translating MuseScore 2.0

• Feb 17, 2015 - 09:36

We are calling up everyone to help us translate the coming release of MuseScore 2.0 in your own language. Currently 2.0 is being translated in 53 languages but if your language is missing, please leave a comment so we can add it.

How to translate MuseScore 2.0

Step 1: Use MuseScore 2.0 RC.
Step 2: Register and login on Transifex, select your language in the MuseScore project, click on the Join team button and start translating one of the two resources (MuseScore or Instruments).
Step 3: To test your work, go to the menu Help > Resource Manager in MuseScore and update your language. Don't forget to restart MuseScore after you updated your language!

For a more detailed overview, please check the video below. If you have questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment.


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Hi Quoc Dong, I just checked on my system and it worked out for me. Could you check again?

Screenshot 2015-02-19 08.54.32.png

Maybe there was some delay with packaging the language files as many translators are currently doing translation work, or perhaps simply a temporary API outage at Transifex which we use to fetch the translations.

If the problem persists, could you state which operating system you are working on and which MuseScore build (beta2 or a nightly build) you are working with?

I went to transifex, login using my (already registered) email from 2011. System says "email not registered". Tried to sign as new user, system replies "You already have an account, please use another email"????

Will anyone tell me how the translations work. I have offered before but I found that I had to work in HTML.

English is not my firs language If am am able I would be able to translate into Welsh.

Wena D. Parry

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Hi Wena,

It's fairly easy (but a little confusing at first). Here's a short guide:

1- Create an account at (you can not use your account at like it used to be on MuseScore 1.0)

2- At Transifex search for project (MuseScore), or go directly to here:

Pick the language you would like to tranlaste

3- You will see the English language on the left side, the right hand side is for you to translate away

Have fun

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I have offered to translate the new Manuel into Welsh. Had also offered to do the same to the earlier version of MuseScore. It was stetted that transifex was an easier way but I have found it imposible to understand their system. And I certainly cannot do an online translating. I am not a computer!!!

I have been through the short guide mentioned above, but be fare on me I am an old person of 76 years old and am struggling with modern day tech.

I have a Manuel for the MuseScore 2. and I could work from there but transifex has advised me to contact some person that is administering the MuseScore work, without giving me the name or contact details.

There seems to be another problem in achieving this aim, There dose not seem to be others to be a part of a team to do the Welsh work of translating. I mean, there seems to be no one to prof the initial translation, or to advice on translation terms, such as what should the Welsh word be for a slur or tie. We haven't such words in Welsh, as fare as I know.

I am writing this comment in the hope that there is some Welsh person that might accommodate the work.

Wena D. Parry.

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