[Guitar Pro] Non-default tuning in GTP scores ignored?

• Feb 18, 2015 - 11:12
S4 - Minor
needs info

Context: current github master self-compiled with Qt Lib 5.3 and Qt Creator 3.3.0 under Linux Mint 17 64-bit.


As I do not have GTP myself, I can only speculate; more info would be welcome.

Background: Among the GTP import test files, at least fret-diagram.gp4 and fret-diagram.gp5 files (perhaps other as well) seem to imply a non-default tuning (DADGAD).

However the imported scores use standard guitar tuning (EADGBE). If the GTP scores do really assume a different tuning, it should be implemented in the imported score, or the fret marks in the TAB's will be off.


I cover explanation of the tuning in the following comment:


In short, the tuning that is specified in the title is completely bogus and is not actually applied on the instrument in the Guitar Pro file. I have created a GP5 file and re-tuned the strings and this is indeed imported correctly in Musescore with the different string tuning. The fret-number.gp* test cases should be edited though to remove this tuning in the title, as it is very confusing.

1) If your tests show that tuning info in GTP is imported correctly when present, I would say the issue is fixed; actually it never existed (of course, MuseScore cannot import a tuning info which is not there!)

Feel free to mark this issue as fixed, if you are confident this is the case.

2) Removing those misleading strings in the test scores would be useful indeed, preventing someone else to speculate if something is missing / wrong there. I would say this is not a very high priority, unless it is a 5-minute task.



Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to leave this issue open until the test file names are changes so we don't lose track of that (if you or someone else reading would prefer this closed, feel free to do so, otherwise I shall close it when the test files are sorted out as part of my next PR).