Visual index

• Mar 2, 2010 - 21:10
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Hi, I was just looking at the features page of museScore and I can see that it is still on an early stage.
It is very hard to go point by point on what it can do in a visual and orderly way.
A cool way the finale people have dialed with this was by creating a visual index
What is really neat about this is that you can see on a glimpse of an eye what the software can do. and, since is is "interactive" it can also "tell" you how to do it.
But even if it wasn´t really an index it still helps to see if what you are thinking about is possible to do or not with the software. I mean, seeing it is half of the work already.
So basically if someone (not me yet because I´m just getting familiarized with ms) would create a random peace of music with museScore showing all it can do (at the time) and post it it would be very helpful.


Connecting with that. There is a neat function of a peace of software called PD (pure data) witch is that when you wright-click on an object, one of the menu items is "help", that leads to the documentation about that object.
I found it very helpful...
It is basically what finale´s "visual index" does but applied right on the software´s UI.