Tuplet in a grace note

• Feb 22, 2015 - 18:56

How can I adjust a tuplet in a grace note?


Sort of a vague question, but:

One way is to click on the note head, then use up/down arrows to adjust the pitch.

Another way is to double click on the note head (to enter edit mode), then use right/left arrows to move the note horizontally. Then hit 'Esc', for the note stem to follow.
For finer note placement:
•Ctrl+← (Mac: ⌘+←): Moves handle left 0.1 Space
•Ctrl+→ (Mac: ⌘+→): Moves handle right 0.1 Space
•Ctrl+↑ (Mac: ⌘+↑): Moves handle up 0.1 Space
•Ctrl+↓ (Mac: ⌘+↓): Moves handle down 0.1 Space
•Alt+←: Moves handle left 0.01 Space
•Alt+→: Moves handle right 0.01 Space
•Alt+↑: Moves handle up 0.01 Space
•Alt+↓: Moves handle down 0.01 Space



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This comment is totally irrelevant to my question and I think it may be my fault because English is not my mother language. So if I'm not so clear with what I'm asking I think the following score I found in MuseScore.com may be helpful for you to understand what I'm talking about:http://musescore.com/user/101118/scores/151348
Hint: Look at 0:12. I want to create an appogiatura tuplet like he did there.
P.S.: I'm using MuseScore 2.0 beta 2.
Thanks in advance.

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The concept of "triplet" implies notes played with a very specific rhythm, and that's pretty much oppose to the whole idea of grace notes. The standard way to notate that would simply be three regular grace notes - just add them normally, one at a time, no triplet indicated. You can always add a number "3" as staff text if you like that look.

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Ok, but it doesn't playback the same. As a proof, do what you told me to do and hear it and then hear the nutckracker march from the link I've posted in one of my other comments above. So as the user that uploaded that sheet has done it with MuseScore, it can actually be done.

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Well, if you want the notes to play back with an actual rhythm as shown, then enter them like that - as normal notes with normal rhythms, then mark them small if for some reaosn that seems appropriate (it doesn't to me).

The bottom line is this: if you require a *specific* rhythm, you should notate it not as grace ntoes but using the specific rhythm you require. This makes sense both for MuseScore's internal playback and for the human performer who will eventually read the score - if you don't notate it with a specific rhythm using normal notes, no two performers will be guaranteed to play it the same way.

Grace notes are *only* for situations where you intend to leave the specifics of the playback to the performer. Some will play before the beat, some will play on the beat, and everyone will play them at a different speed.

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