Violin/Fiddle Tabulature is so very wrong.

• Feb 23, 2015 - 19:05

Please see this ticket I submitted to the issue tracker. Obviously the issue tracker only applies to version 1.3 and not 2.0


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I think you misunderstood. MuseScore 2.0 *does* support tab - for *fretted* instruments. It does not support *violin* tab. As an experiment, string data was added to make it possible to create violin tabs if you didn't mind them actually working like guitar tabs, but as you point out, this is not really correct. So the string data was removed in response to your post, and your issue was changed to a feature request so that in some future release, proper support for violin tab could be added.

But again, to be clear - it was never intended that 2.0 support violin tab. That would be a new feature, and with 2.0 becoming imminent, it seems almsot certain it will be postponed until some other release.

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