Reduce Space Between Staffs

• Mar 1, 2015 - 18:41

In the attached score, I want to maintain the scaling yet fit the staff on page two into page one. I know I can make it fit by changing the scaling in Page Layout but it's hard on my eyes. I figured out how to reduce the space between staffs to allow room for the last staff but have been unable to move it over.

BTW: I'm using the latest nightly.

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On The Sunny Side Of The Street.mscz 25.74 KB


Space between systems is mostly controlled by two settings Style / General / Page - Min/Max system distance. The Max setting is only used for pages that are not full already, so the Min setting is more relevant here. However, your problem is actually that you have a very large vaue set in tht same dialog for "Lyrics bottom margin". You are asking for at least 6sp space below the lyrics, and that is simply not compatible with fitting another system on the page. Reduce that settings and you can fit another system. However, you may find it looks too crowded if you don't also reduce scaling at least a little. or at least, use spacers above the systems with voltas, or lower the voltas some.

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