Repeat bar lines spanning more than one staff have extra line (0.9.6 regression)

• Mar 13, 2010 - 04:57
S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce bug
1. Create score from "SATB and piano" template (or any other multi-staff score)
2. Double click on bar line in top staff
3. Drag bar line handle down to the bottom staff
4. Press Esc to leave edit mode
5. Drag an end repeat bar onto a measure in the top staff

Expected behavior: Repeat bar should replace the normal bar line

Actual behavior: Repeat replaces the normal bar line in the top staff but you get a triple bar-line effect for the lower staves (see "Capture.PNG" attached)

MuseScore version: r. 2878. But not present in 0.9.5 stable

(Operating System: Windows 7)

Attachment Size
Capture.PNG 5.17 KB


Also dashed bar line does not look dashed in lower staves.


  1. Double click on bar line
  2. Drag handle up to top staff
  3. Drag handle back down to bottom staff