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Can someone explain how to use the new Edit->Tools->Explode/Implode features in Beta 2.0? Thanks in advance.


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I understand the ideas about explode/implode, but I need step-by-step directions. A fellow named Thomas wrote a reply to a question posted by me and said it has been implemented in Beta 2.0. (That's the reason I upgraded from 1.3.) Looking through the handbook did not help due to the lack of documentation. So, I was hoping someone has already figured out how to use the features and is willing to take the time to explain how to do it.

Yes, sorry, i haven't updated the handbook page yet.

Here's the short version:

For expode: select a range on a staff containing chords with multiple notes, run Edit / Tools / Explode. The chords will be "exploded" onto the staves below (one note oer staff). MsueScore will use as many staves as it needs - if your biggest chord has four notes, it uses four staves. Unless you start by selecting, say, the source staff and two others, in which case it stops with those.

For implode: select a range of measures across staves that have substantially similar rhythms, run Edit / Tools / Implode. MuseScore will combine the contents of the staves into chords on the top staff - the opposite of explode. There is a special case if you select only a single staff - MuseScore will do essentially the same thing but combine the contents of multiples voices on that staff into chords in voice 1.

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Thanks! I made one correction: if you start by selecting multiple staves, and there aren't enough notes to cover all the staves, MuseScore doens't just give you a bunch of copies of the bottom note. It tries to spread the notes around more evenly. The actual algorithm is designed to work well in the specific case of a two-note chord and four staves, probably could use furtehr tweaking for other cases, so I figured it is not worth being too specific in the documentation since it may change.

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Maybe... Perhaps... The "Implode" could be improved to get a full combination of two (or more) staves with a lot of voices and rhythms (respecting the original voices, of course).

It would be intended just to save physical space on the final paper work (the PC screen is another world).

Just an idea.



Hello, friends.

I have what I believe to be a simple melody in MIDI format, that got split into several channels somehow, when importing into Musescore 2.3.2. As far as I can tell, there is no overlap and no chords anywhere in the melody, so I would like to combine all channels into one, and display them on one staff.

I was told that by exporting to MIDI 0 format, I could accomplish the same goal, but I have not succeeded in doing that with any program; the channels export as separate.

So I have tried edit-tools-implode, within MuseScore 2.3.2., but that is not working either. All staves remain independent, not combined.

I am attaching the MIDI file. Can you tell me why these individual parts with no overlap, will not combine into one part on one staff?

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Near as I can tell that MIDI file does use several different tracks for whatever reason. I don't think exporting that score to type 0 would solve the basic problem, the notes would still be on different channels. If you can't fix the MIDI file directly in whatever program created it, you can indeed you the implode facility in MuseScore to combine this into a single staff. MuseScore 3's implode facility is far superior to 2's in this respect, but even with MuseScore 2 you could use some combination of that and voice exchange to get things onto fewer staves.

However, I can also tell you that there is almost no way you'll ever come anywhere close to readable notation from this file. I know the piece, and I can tell the timing is way off. Also, there is definitely overlap of lines, and chords, in the file, FWIW. If the goal is to just transcribe the melody, it will take only seconds to enter it by hand, compared to hours you could spend fighting the MIDI file to try to make it into something it is not.

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FOR USING implode? you must have staves with the SAME rythm for all the notes, for exemple trumpets in a big band or a concert band, you want to group on 1 stave for the director score So it works very well
BUT you have in your staves, all along, completly différent rythms, each stave plays alone , and the following, also, so IMPLODE can't do nothing Try with measure 196 with the 2 staves playing 4 quater notes, select only these 2 measures ans implode, it works.
If you want to group on 1 stave your work, you must use VOICES, giving 1 voice for 1 stave, you can have 4 different voices. After you copy and paste, on a stave. When it's done, you put all notes in voice 1, and delete the rests for voice 2.3.4.
The result is .........you try, and I think you have work after to clean the result

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It’s not complicated at all - just select the staves you want combined then run the command. This will combined into multiple voices, which is sometimes exactly what you want. When it isn’t, simply run it again to combine those multiple voices into chords where possible. At least, that’s how it works in MuseScore 3. Older versions are more limited.

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