Small Piano Piece Causes Printer Msg. Cycle + Crash

• Mar 5, 2015 - 18:52

Hi: On my MacBook Pro, MuseScore 2.0 has printed several of my scores without any problem. However, another of my pieces (just 16 measures, developed in 1.2, landscape orientation) presents a problem. Without any editing, I tried to print it. Several trials produce the same result. A series of printing error messages is produced.

The messages seem to be "unhappy" with some printing aspect ("Changing the BJ Cartridge to Color would cause an unresolvable conflict with the selected custom paper. No change will be made") or ("Changing Media Type to Plain Paper would cause a conflict with the selected custom paper. No Change will be made").

They all say some setting is wrong that will cause an error so the setting will be ignored. At the bottom of each message box is the option to "Continue". Continuing produces another of about 7 or 8 similar error message boxes and the cycle then repeats. All other options on screen are greyed out. The only option I have is to Force Quit.

Since this has happened, I have successfully printed another score. However, I'm not aware of any special printer settings with the score that causes the problem. Checking printer settings causes the error so I can't see what printer settings there are. Please advise. Thank you JHJ


Could you share the problematic score? Or take that, strip it down (remove all notes otr set them to the same pitch, remove lyrics, etc., and share it if it still causes the problem?

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Prints just fine here, Windows 7 (Enterprise, 64bit), on an HP Officejet Pro 8620.
Hmm, well, 'fine' is a but much, it does print truncated, in measure 7/15
Unless I set the printer to landscape ... (it did print in landscape before too, but, as said, truncated, as if pretending to have to fit an A4 portrait and centered)
So there is something strange about it...

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I don't remember much about creating the score. As I said in my first message, I do remember I set it to landscape orientation somewhere. There should be 16 measures in all, printed 8 measures to a line. Good luck. I print my scores on a Canon MG8220 PIXMA inkjet. Never had a problem like this with any of my scores. Of course, I haven't tested the old scores with the new release (2.0). Please let me know, if I can give you any other information. Thanks!

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Another clue: In Layout, I reset the orientation from Landscape to Portrait mode. That is to say, in Page Settings, I removed the check mark from "landscape" and, for the first time, I did NOT get the printer-error message boxes. The piece printed in the usual fashion, no problems. ---- HOWEVER, I would still LIKE to print the piece in Landscape because it prints LOWER on the page, therefore, closer to the eye-level of my LITTLE students.

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OK I suspect a printer margin problem.

You currently have the layout set to letter in landscape mode with all margins at 10mm except bottom which is 20mm.

This may result in the right margin being incomatible with the printer as many inkjets have a minimum bottom margin of 14mm. As in landscape mode the bottom margin becomes the right hand margin this causes the truncation problem Jojo mentioned and could cause your printer driver to throw a wobbler on your Mac.

Try setting all margins to 15mm and see if that helps.

PS Isn't Itsy Bitsy Spider in compound time?

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Thanks for your help but we're still losing. I did reset the margins, first to 15mm, then to 11mm. Each time I made sure to save the work to file before attempting to print. It occurs to me I should have changed it to Portrait mode. Maybe that works. -- Each time the error messages display they all say that the "setting" causes an unresolvable conflict with the "custom paper". To my knowledge, I'm not using any Custom Paper. It looks just like before. But maybe "custom paper" is a clue??? Thanks and good luck. This is bewildering....

P.S. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is a WALTZ, ordinarily. This is in a duple rhythm because my new students haven't experienced 3/4 time yet. Also, the Waltz version requires a pick-up measure for "The" and that can be confusing for them: "So why aren't there 3 beats in THAT measure?" So, we go slowly but surely and they'll get it. We'll do the Waltz, eventually.

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If you still want landscape mode... here's an easy fix.
Try saving as a .pdf, then when you print in landscape mode, you should have a choice within the printer dialog -- something like 'fit to page', or 'shrink'.

P.S. My (very old) Lexmark inkjet has 0.65 in (16.51 mm) minimum for the right side margin in landscape mode (aka. the bottom margin in portrait mode).
You may have to enter a number greater than 15mm, for one of the side margins in landscape mode. It actually depends on whether the right side or left side comes out first while printing.


Which build specifically are you using? Go to Help / About, find the version string (6ab7394, etc) click the copy to clipboard button, and paste the result here.

There were a couple of bugs fixed recently involving margins, so if you don't already have the latest nightly, please update.

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For now, my final word on this matter is as follows: The most reliable way to print a piece in Landscape Orientation is to bypass/ignore the Landscape setting in Layout/Page Settings. Leaving the piece in portrait mode, continue on to print set-up. There you should be offered the option to change the orientation of the Printed Output to Landscape. This avoids the problems mentioned earlier in this Issue-thread. For now, this solves my problem. I probably won't use this technique often. Thanks, everyone for your ideas and help. JHJ

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