cut (and paste?) voice on selection.

• Mar 18, 2010 - 07:20
S5 - Suggestion

Hi all!
Very often arrangers, composers, and orchestrators, write voices on the score that later they(we) will have to separate in order to do the respective parts (winds, horns, etc). So a cut (x) voice for a selection would be a very handy tool. (see that I am not proposing a "voice to part" function cause it can get quite messy since some parts written for voice 1 or any other voice alone could be written for all or just for one part and museScore doesn´t have to know that)
Plus If we could copy a selection and then paste voice ___ to voice __ on another staff/measure it would be very much appreciated also.


With the latest prerelease/nightly builds you can copy both voices and delete the voice you don't want afterward. It is a little more fiddly but here are the basic instructions.

  1. Copy and paste both voices to a new staff
  2. Select the new staff and Edit > Voices > Exchange 1-2 for so that the parts you want to keep is in voice 1
  3. Select voice two via right-click > Select > More... and check "same voice" and "same staff"
  4. Press Del


I tried the "fiddly" instructions which got me most of the way there, but found that after step 4, voice 2 was left with all rests, so these steps were also necessary:

5) Select voice two rests via right-click > Select > More... and check "same voice" and "same staff"
6) Press Del

Although this procedure achieves the same end-effect, a "paste-to-voice" would be a much easier and less error-prone workflow.

Also, I noticed that after doing "Edit->Voices->Exchange Voice 1-2" I end up with "ghost" rests in voice 1 when neither voice had rests before the exchange -- possibly a bug? (am running revision: 3507)

agreed -- as I commented there, a way to delete the notes&rests in one step would be great. am still hoping for a paste-to-voice function though (and still trying to figure out if the extra rests after exchange are a known bug)

Thank you all for the help. I can see that the thread there Is about the "rests problem" for the work around that David suggested, I have my views about that.
I would still love a complete "Edit voices" tool in musescore in the future. It would make things so much easier.

waiting for 1.0 !!