Tabs invisible until save

• Mar 18, 2010 - 17:59
S4 - Minor

r2811 XP SP3


1. Set Program Start Preference to"Continue last session".
2 Load a few scores into Musescore.
3. Exit Musescore.
4. Restart Musescore.

Expected result - Program should come up with tabs for all scores extant when closed.
Actual result - Only 1 score appears, no tab.

5. Ctrl+S to save unedited score.

Result - All tabs appear.



If you open a few scores in step 2 then you will get all of them when you restart.

The only scores you will not get are new scores that you have never saved before and decided not to save before you exited.

I don't understand.

All of these are previously saved. They have not been worked on in the new session. They are all there before the program is exited, but do not show up on the re-start..

What am I missing in your answer?

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I guess I'm not able to reproduce the behavior you are describing. Did you check to make sure that the "continue last session" option is still marked when you reopen?

(I tested using r. 2896 nightly and 2811 beta 2, Windows 7)

I did check,and it is. The behaviour is that the scores apparently are loaded but do not appear.

From your last answer, it appears to be fixed on that version.

I edited #4, as the tabs do not appear.

This is happening consistently.

As to #5, there is no forced quit here unless a forced quit means clicking on the "close program" box in the upper right hand corner.

THis may be connected??

If I load a style, the tab does not show an asterisk to denote that there has been an edit.

Is there another place I should post this?

Well, I downloaded and installed 3507 tonight, XP.

Here are ".pngs" of the result = still happening.

I installed 3507, after removing the previous install.

I then booted it up, and my "desktop" appeared with the first score but no tabs.
See "On open".
I then did a save.
See "after save of open".

Does anyone else have this bug?

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Actually, I have r 3507, and I do have this issue. AND I may have some more information to add to this.
So I've got 2 scores open... if I'm on the first when I quit, the tabs appear when I restart. If I'm on the second when I quit, the tabs do NOT appear until I hit save.
I have not tested more than 2 scores, but maybe that gives you info to find it yourself.

(if it affects things, I'm on Mac 10.6.4, but seeing as I'm getting the same odd issue, it might not matter)

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In experimenting with three scores, quitting while on the first tab will then reload with all tabs visible, but quitting on the others will reload with only that tab visible until saving (actually, I had noticed another action that also makes them visible again, but I forget what it was).
Can anybody else confirm?

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8 scores are open. (img1)
close museScore
reopen it - onle 1 score is visible (img2)


1. method:
press Ctrl-S: all 8 scores are visible

2. method::
Edit/preferences -> OK without changing anything: all 8 scores are visible

Win XP, Version: 1.1
Revision 4611

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I've tried to reproduce it but can't. I do recall a bug in the score tabs being fixed, either in 1.3 or 2.0, about/over a year ago.