Drumset is too loud after in the RC

• Mar 14, 2015 - 15:35

I've just downloaded the 2.0 RC and I just loved it but there's a small detail that I want to report as a bug. The sounds of both the closed and the open Hi-Hat and the bass drum are very loud and in the contrary the snare drum is too soft. I know it used to be the other way around, which was also not so good, but in my opinion it should be playbacked the same because the drumset covers all the other instruments in an arrangement. Great work, though!!


I've just checked yet again, and on my system with all velocities set at 100 the bass drum hi-hats and snare sound in balance.

Again I ask - have default velocities been changed?

And is it possible you had bumped the level in the mixer? If you still perceive a problem, please attach the specific score where you hear drums being too loud.

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I suspect you have highlighted a major weakness in the drum editing in MuseScore in that it is not easy to change the individual velocities of the components.

I watched your video, and the only time I heard the snare disappear was when there was an awful lot going on elsewhere in the parts, and the crash cymbal was being used, not the hi-hats. A situation where a real drummer would hit harder in order to get his drums to come across.

I'm not sure a real drummer would play simultaneous 8th notes on crash and snare as there is such a range of frequency bandwidth in a crash cymbal that it will drown most things except the bass drum, and also in order to produce the full cymbal sound you need to let it ring - heavy metal technique usually means the drummer plays on alternate cymbals when playing 8th notes so the cymbal isn't muted by the stick hitting it again so early. Consequently he has no hand free for the snare!

What you need to do is alter the velocities of the individual drums in the Inspector. As I said they are in balance when played at 100 velocity on bass drum, snare and closed hi-hat.


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Elsewhere, it's been suggested we could use additional mixer controls for individual voices. Individual mixer controls for each drum in a set would be overkill, but perhaps a velocity offset for each drum could be part of the drum set definition - that would be a fairly unobtrusive change, both to the code and to the UI.

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Thanks a lot for all the time you spent explaining all these, because I'm still a student so I have not much experience on these kind of things. But could you please tell me the steps to alter the velocities of the individual drums using the inspector?

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I'll do you a video Kosris - but not tonight :)

But if you select a note in the Inspector you will see Velocity parameters near the bottom of the Inspector window.

Velocity type enables you to change between a relative and fixed velocity (I was using the User option)
Velocity is the velocity of the note - in offset mode this is relative to the original velocity of the note and in User it is the actual velocity set (I set this to 100).

You can use the new range selection tools to select the notes you want to change and then set their new velocities all at once.


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