Trouble With Un-Pitched Percussion Sound

• Mar 29, 2010 - 04:49

I have done very well using Musescore as i'm only 14 and even created a song for our school band on this. However, i have never seemed to get the un-pitched percussion sound to work. I, a percussionist myself makes it easy for me to imagine the notes but I want to hear them in the software. Is there anything I am doing wrong? Could someone please help!


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i was close. i got one to work but it only had saxophones so i deleted it. now i can't even play music. ive tried other soundfonts but when i download them, i can never get them into musescore. Since im having trouble with that, i tried to put the original /data/piano1.sf2 back in for just the piano and that doesn't work. now i have no sound watsoever...

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Did you restart MuseScore afterward? All three of them should work, but it is important to follow the instructions carefully.

Does MuseScore give you any error messages? If so then it would be important to share these. You might also go to Edit > Preferences > I/O, take a Screenshot (see Screenshot ), and attach a copy of the image to a comment below so that we can see your settings.

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figured out how to get the piano settings back.i just dont know why the other settings wont work. i mean, ill download them, they will show up in my computer, then ide go into musescore and try to apply them, and they arnt there...

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